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Carlos was a witness to an event that left him living with anxiety and depression fearing for his safety and the safety of his family. Seeing how much this event traumatized Carlos, his mother started looking for help to uplift her son’s spirit.  She brought Carlos to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County in hopes that a Big Brother would provide Carlos with friendship, motivation and recreational enrichment.

Daniel and Carlos were matched in July of 2009, and ever since they have become great friends.  Ever since Carlos got matched to Daniel his mother has noticed a great improvement in Carlos’s attitude towards life and in his confidence level; he is now a kid who is positive, motivated and most importantly happy.

Daniel has been with Carlos through many changes and sad moments. This year Carlos experienced the loss of his grandfather and the loss of his father. Although he did not have a close relationship with his father Carlos had hopes to reunite with him in the future and was sad to know that now this was not possible. These two losses broke Carlos’s heart and he turned to his Big Brother for moral support.  Daniel was also there for Carlos when his mother suffered a stroke last year and provided Carlos with positive encouragement that his mother would be fine.

Carlos shares that his Big Brother, Daniel, is important to him because he knows that his Big Brother cares about him, respects him and listens to what he has to say. Daniel has shown Carlos the values that are important in life and the skills that are needed to be successful.  


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